Exact Edge Professional Sharpening For Scissors, Shears, Clipper Blades and Repair For Clippers And Dryers. Sharpening
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We would like to be the sharpener that you trust to sharpen all of your Blades, Shears, and Scissors. Below are a few of the reasons why we feel we should be the sharpener of choice for hair stylists, barbers, and groomers.
  • Only the highest quality equipment is used in the sharpening process.
  • We sharpen to a quality level that meets or exceeds that of new.
  • All items are cleaned, sanitized, adjusted, and tested to perform.
  • Clipper Blade parts such as tension springs, sockets, screws, and cutter blades are replaced as needed, free of charge (except ARCO 5 in 1 Trimmer Cutter Blades).
  • Shears and Scissor washers and bumpers are replaced if needed free of charge.
  • Turn around times are 2 to 3 days.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed.
  • Free return shipping via Priority Mail with sharpening orders of $ or more.

Sharpening Price List

Type Price Clipper Blades Price
Professional High End Shears (Stylist Shears) $ Small Clipper Blade $
Thinning  and Chunker Shears $ Large Clipper Blade $
Standard Bevel Edge Shears (Groomer Shears) $    
Pinking Shears $    
Standard Sewing Scissors $ ARCO 5 in 1 Trimmer Blade Refurbishing
Industrial Shears $    
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Trimmer Blades

T-BladeTrimmer blades such as those used on the Oster T-Finisher® are not able to be sharpened sucessfully. They should be replaced.

Wahl Arco BladeWahl ARCO 5 in 1 trimmer blades, can be refurbished.